August 9, 2022

SCALEHOUSE Capital Management launches new venture capital fund.

A new regional growth fund has emerged in the west of Lower Saxony: SCALEHOUSE Capital Fund I. The fund has already raised EUR 23 million in investment capital and will soon reach its final closing.

For the first time in its history, the state of Lower Saxony has invested EUR 10 million in the Osnabrück-based fund through NBank. Sparkasse Osnabrück has also invested approximately EUR 13 million. SCALEHOUSE Capital is a growth fund that will focus on startups with high capital needs in AgTech, FoodTech and digital scalable solutions. As such, it fits well into the HOUSES family, which includes Seedhouse Accelerator and Growhouse, and which together have built a broad network in Lower Saxony. Many successful start-ups have already been supported by HOUSES.

The state government of Lower Saxony and Jesse Jeng, Managing Partner of SCALEHOUSE, agree: the strict focus on investments in large German metropolitan areas is misguided: there must also be financing alternatives for young start-ups that are hidden champions in other German regions.

All legal, regulatory and tax aspects of this exciting joint venture between the state of Lower Saxony and the private sector are being supported by Orbit's Philipp Neidel, Louise Hertz, Dr. Philip Mostertz and team.

Responsible Orbit crew