Vireo Ventures launches new EUR 50m energy transition VC fund.

Oct 19, 2022

Vireo Ventures has launched a new fund focused on investments in European early-stage start-ups with a target size of EUR 50m.

The “Vireo Electrification Fund I” will support founders at pre-seed and seed stage whose goal it is to further electrification.

Vireo Ventures has recognized that technological advance in this sector is crucial on the path to net zero and for tackling some of the most critical problems of our time: energy insecurity, climate-related disasters, and increased air pollution.

By sustainably integrating green practices, such as broad electrification, into the energy, mobility, logistics, city, building and industrial sectors, this fund and its investors can make a generational difference. This new fund is the first of its kind to be fully dedicated to the energy transition.

Since 2020, the Vireo Ventures team has already invested in 19 early-stage companies via their pre-fund vehicle, including:

  • Liefergrün
  • HeyCharge
  • ChargeEurope
  • Green Fusion GmbH
  • encentive
  • PIONIX GmbH and Cozero

These are only a couple of the more than 100 investments that Vireo Ventures has made within the last 15 years.

Orbit advised on the fund structuring and placement with Philip Mostertz, Patrick Duckhorn and crew.

Responsible Orbit Crew