Media plus Equity: German Media Pool launches new VC fund.

Feb 3, 2022

German Media Pool, Germany’s leading independent media for equity investor, has launched their newest VC fund, the Opportunities Fund, closing at EUR 15 million.

This fund is aimed at investing in consumer-focused and B2C start-ups.

The fund has attracted many family offices and media groups and is investing media as well as cash. This makes the fund a specialized ally for consumer-facing start-ups in Europe.

Included in its 36 media investments are ABOUT YOU, momox AG, CLARK, Sanity Group, and Grover. GMPVC’s partners can provide many forms of media access: TV, radio, out-of-home, and print and the investor has amassed EUR 400 million in investments over 75 rounds.

GMPVC has had over 20 successful exits, three IPOs, and two unicorns, with more on the horizon.

Orbit’s Dr. Philipp Mostertz advised on the project of setting up this new and promising fund and worked alongside Aljoscha Kaplan, Dennis Ahrling, and the team from German Media Pool.

Responsible Orbit Crew