First closing of tech transfer fund CARMA at EUR 47m.

Jun 21, 2022

The tech transfer fund CARMA I has had its first closing at EUR 47 million.

The fund is aiming to accelerate life-science projects and translate their research into practice.

The CARMA fund has a target size of EUR 60 million and is backed by many strong investors. It was initiated by Ascenion and Innovectis, Goethe University’s tech transfer arm, and its investors include the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the drug discovery company Evotec.

CARMA will be focused on supporting high-potential, early-stage life science start-ups and projects in a timeframe of 15+ years, which is perfectly suited to invest in the development of therapeutic and diagnostic projects. Other investment areas will be platform technologies, medical technology, and digital health.

Not only will CARMA invest substantial funds, but also support start-ups with its large network of partners, consisting of experts and business leaders.

CARMA, while having an extremely profitable approach, is also looking to have a positive impact on the world and help solve acute problems.

Dr. Christian Stein, CEO of Ascenion and member of the Investor Advisory Board, is quoted saying that “the timeframe of 15+ years, which particularly suits the development horizon of therapeutic and diagnostic projects, allows the fund to participate in future revenues to support the charitable aims of the Life-Science Foundation”.

Orbit is honored to be advising on such a future-facing, innovative project, and thanks everyone involved, especially, the management team around Christian Leikert, Dr. Martin Raditsch, and Dr. Claus Schulte for placing their trust in Orbit’s Dr. Simon Schachinger and team.

Responsible Orbit Crew