Earlybird’s latest deep tech addition to their versatile family of funds: Launch of UNI-X Fund.

Oct 11, 2021

The venture capital investor Earlybird launched the Earlybird UNI-X Fund with a funding of 75 million Euro in September of 2021.

The fund will invest in pre-seed and seed-stage deep tech companies and will focus on European university spin-offs concerned with robotics, artificial intelligence, and mobility.

In the rapidly growing and changing tech scene, many ideas fall by the wayside if not properly supported. In Europe’s top tech universities, 45,000 to 60,000 new technologies and innovations are developed every year, but only half of these become start-up companies, and only half of those companies seek financing.

The fund will be able to support exciting ideas that would otherwise go unused.

The goal is to commercialize deep tech in its infancy and to exploit otherwise wasted potential. The fund will be able to provide the companies with the means to build successful entrepreneurial teams, develop business plans and prepare a “proof of concept”.

From the Earlybird team, Dr. Frédéric du Bois-Reymond, Stephan Rauscher, Michael Schmitt, Dr. Johannes Triebs, Dr. Michael Hoeck, Dr. Philipp Semmer, Natalia Ahmadian, Dr. Christian Nagel and Dr. Hendrik Brandis were involved.

They were supported and advised by Professor Achim Kampker from RWTH Aachen University, a renowned scientist with experience in spin-offs.

Orbit is honored to have been able to advise on Earlybird’s newest venture. The Orbit team on this project consisted of Dr. Simon Schachinger, Philipp Neidel and Dr, Philip Mostertz.

Responsible Orbit Crew