Bioventure closes Club Deal 12 to invest in PROVIREX.

Nov 28, 2022

Bioventure Management has closed their Club Deal 12 to invest in PROVIREX Genome Editing Therapies GmbH, a Biotech company on a mission to cure HIV.

PROVIREX is building a therapy-hub in Hamburg to use their genome editing technology to enable highly specific designer recombinases.

This recombinase recognizes and removes the integrated blueprint of the AIDS pathogen HIV from the genome of the infected cells and reconnects the genome in a completely accurate way. This revolutionary technology can be used to reverse infectious diseases.

Bioventure is a well-known and successful life science investor with an outstanding track record. Bioventure will support PROVIREX for the next four years in building their technology and the required infrastructure, which will help them fulfill their full potential.

The therapy hub was opened in October 2022, with attendance from Prof. Dr. Joachim Hauber (PROVIREX Genome Editing Therapies GmbH), Katharina Fegebank (second mayor und Science Senator of Hamburg), Michael Westhagemann (Senator for Economy and Innovation of Hamburg) und Dr. Erik Hoppe (Bioventure Management GmbH) and others.

For this investment, Bioventure has again gathered an exciting group of successful entrepreneurs and their families as co-investors into Club Deal 12, united by their enthusiasm for PROVIREX as a company and investment.

Orbit advised on the structuring and placement of Club Deal 12 with Philipp Neidel, Philip Mostertz and crew.

Responsible Orbit Crew